Golf Swing Basics Videos


“seeing all the san marcos and santa barbara guys that played when i was in high school was really cool. You can see and adjust the ball carry for every club and for. Com/ for this project because i had already built it, and liked it. Where do i find the practice schedules mentioned in the videos. Next on our list is one of the largest golf net on the market, spanning 12feet wide and 10feet high. A horrible short putt on the 17th was birdie chance lost for ko. Then one day by accident i stumbled upon the secret to hitting the ball farther, it was not in how hard i swung the club, but rather it was how fast i swung the club that ultimately increased my distance. See how quickly and effortlessly you make dramatic improvements to every aspect of your game − distance, accuracy, consistency with every club in your bag. They made four birdies, won three holes with par, and closed out the match when choi rolled in a 7-foot birdie putt on the 12th hole.

golf swing basics video
golf swing basics video

Faldo refused to come to the press tent after his final round and later, en route to the locker room, snapped at a journalist who suggested that he had hit his putt too hard on the final green. Since you will be using the wedges for close to a quarter of all the shots that you make when on the course, you cannot afford to make the wrong pick. Increased “smash factor” of 8% by average. Control club is a wedge. Look, i can see both sides. My leg can rotate as my hip rotates backwards but it’s not going to move to the side.   these panels allow the shirt to offer a snug fit,  yet allowing for plenty of motion for the golf swing. Hunter mahans five moves to make your swing great.

golf swing basics video
golf swing basics video

So how did i resolve my problem. Or should we call it evolve. Check out these threads for more on rules. I knew the hogan swing was too demanding for most golfers, but i continued to study and teach it to the exclusion of all other methods of swinging. While not a peanut, red is a hybrid in the tradition of xtd ti, a12 pro, and other great adams hybrids of that ilk. All of these are good choices when it comes to golf balls for seniors. Slowly we got the timing right and we created what i think was the best image of the day. Many amateurs fold and shorten the right arm too early as they. This info from dave wood, who worked on one of hogans drivers to correct a rattle.

golf swing basics video
golf swing basics video

  thus, your eyes move naturally from the ball to the target at the appropriate time. A snap hook is when a severe left to right hook occurs for a left-handed golfer. But too many golfers experience this feeling far too often. Then, using video and feedback tools such as mirrors and photographs, i would model the exact movement of moe. Com/press-review to learn more about the golf method. Furthermore, since there are only 6 swing stats to track you can focus on main weaknesses in your game. We’re not sure what it is about the human brain that makes most amateur golfers think, “i can’t seem to get a handle on my swing. Using a palm hold on a standard-size grip often makes it difficult to get your left-hand pinkie all the way around the handle.

golf swing basics video
golf swing basics video

Waggle the club to relax muscles and rehearse hinging of right wrist.   i asked him a few questions about his nutrition and his family and he just talked. The next time you step out onto the course, you’ll blast your drives up to 20 yards further.  the majority of the players will position their stance too wide. You need a mirror at least (there are a couple of awesome portable mirrors in our training aids store), and. Photos: courtesy of full swing golfcameron mccormick and lucy davies at the lucy davis golf academy.

golf swing basics video
golf swing basics video

Note 2: the committee may, in the conditions of a competition (rule 33-1), prohibit:. I struggle with the slice every round so any nugget of info helps. Jack nicklaus suggests that golfers consider turning the front foot more toward the target when taking their stance. Attack the problems that pop up most often, starting with your most common miss. Labritzs analysis: matt ryans got a pretty good move.

golf swing basics video
golf swing basics video

For years after that u. Even if you are a curious child wanting to know more about your parent#8217;s past history before they were your parents. Learning the two skills above will have two outcomes, at the end of the day. We have seen already that the limit-stop properties can vary widely without influencing the swing very much and also it should be recognized that the golfer can choose the limit-stop character to some extent by gripping tightly or loosely at the start of the downswing. Here what you see when you go back completely destroyed. Difficult for the golfer to accept the stiff metal shaft as a rope or.  clubface is responsible mainly for the initial direction the ball flies. Using your body to hit the ball will feel totally different that hitting your arms (this will take time to get use to).

golf swing basics video
golf swing basics video

Video golf tip | swing basics: stance width – in this golf video: the width of your stance effects your turn on the backswing, so take a normal stride when walking and turn your feet in to set up correctly. An in to in swing, most likely closing the club face too quickly. For example, a player must not touch the ground in a hazard with a club prior to playing a ball, not even for a practice swing. Where i am now in my career i can credit to finish first,. Advanced features of virtual simulator can offer multiple benefits to ensure highest excitement for golf playing. (although i’m originally from california). Place the training aid on top of the wrist with your palm facing down so the metal insert inside the sleeve points to your middle finger. Where to find webb simpson:.

Teachers say the exact opposite things about the golf swing. The print — aptly titled “does she have a good body. Golf instructors, who work too hard and do too many great things for the. Getting into better positions will improve the actual swing and reduce the numbers of injuries from forcing a bad movement. It is certainly true that “practice makes perfect. To get max distance, the ball needs to compress just the right amount to get the max trampoline effect off the clubface.

Neil smith lane wins the. Unfortunately, it is also probably the least understood. This is my favorite pole. Image 2 is during the early takeaway when the left arm and clubshaft are in a straight-line relationship. The beginning golfer benefits significantly better than most standard golf instructional techniques. On tree-lined courses i like to pick my target on the fairway, then look up and find a tree on that line.  if you accidentally move the ball in play and it changes position, then its a stroke.   the golf club game is large and will require some time to download.

Justin rose is going to need a boost to gain some confidence before next week. He kept to his game plan and went for the green in two, hitting a solid 6-iron to the “fat” part of the putting surface. From there, all you have to do is drag the handle of the club past the ball so that, at impact, our shaft is in front of our body and finishing with a low club head. Well there is a good baseline, a certain 5 keys that happen to be part of every good golf swing. Thats why lag is so valuable to hitting good shots. , red means the front third of the green, white means the middle third and blue means the. I always like to tell people who ask me about footwork to take their address position without a club, then get up on their toes with both feet.  many players whose mechanics are not compatible with doing so rotate the shoulders too much too soon and i am one of those.

The same is true of offline data, meaning the ability for a heart rate strap to cache/save data when not connected to a watch. A shot that follows the same trajectory but to a lesser degree is referred to as a draw. The practice facility at trump national doral miami features a state-of-the-art musco led lighting system to allow guests to practice late into the evening.  it sounds like the most ridiculous advice you will ever hear … but it’s correct. If holding the bottom of the squatting position for 5 seconds is too much, it’s okay to shorten it, disalvo adds. Did you know that garmin has been making handheld gps devices since 2003.

Learn what your neutral grip is. This is natural – those nerves usually come from nothing more than the excitement of wanting to play your best. i think that going through some of the kind of stuff that i was going through in my game allowed me to kind of figure out when im off, what are the keys to get over it. While we were able to eliminate these differences during our analysis, we were now faced with the problem of reinstating them so we could use the model information to instruct people of all body types. Because the creation of a dongle emulator frees up the software to be used by those who didnt pay for it, it is considered illegal. Had some real good successes. #3 play the ball in the middle of your stance. I like the word “think” in relation to being on a golf course.

This results from the lengths changing relationship, exerting. both those legends had walk through finishes, but ho sung has taken this move to a new level with a borderline pirouette to keep from hanging back. If korean kids decide to take up golf seriously, they face similarly fierce competition from a very early age. To assess muscle strength for golf is somewhat questionable. While video golf lessons are no substitute for an in-person coach, they are a great way to gain inspiration and learn new areas of your golf game to work on without spending money for private lessons.

However, there are a few individuals who don’t take after this idea. The only way to know for sure, naturally, is to give this kind of swing a try and see how it works out on the range and on the golf course. Address), it will stay lined up. “i was in the scoring trailer with pat hurst and i saw a tv monitor showing my face on the bottom of the screen when se ri was putting. Wouldnt be concentration on reaching a proper a6 the better goal: right palm facing away from you, shaft parallel to the ground. i had hoped and dreamed that this opportunity would come along and if i look back in my career the solheim cup has always been an important part of it.

According to most golfers, golf putting mats are a great way to practice your golf skills. Now what we want to do is tilt that spine to a good angle and then get the same feeling of rotation. This div will cover the basics of conducting an analysis of the golf swing using video analysis software. Swinging easy implies a lack of tension in the swing which allows the hinges to properly hinge and allows for a proper move through the ball. It allows you to proactively analyze each shot after you hit it and realize the result, good or bad. In the second group and has set the clubhouse target after a 4-under 67.

Golf Swing Basics Videos

Not “trying” to make putts, but instead hitting a solid putt to an intermediary target will make you a much better putter. More behind your own back than the other swings. Here is how you can practice the transitional move on your own. Tempo, timing, different degrees of aggressiveness on the. The golfing superstar- tiger woods is going to make an appearance on the tonight show along with the rising star- rory mcilroy on the 18. We are closing in on the top of the golf swing.

Does not imply scary and un-natural terms in this forum. Twilight disposable lenses utilize a good amber color, which includes golden amber, honies or hazel hues. 30 shotgun so just turn up for 8 for the draw for teams and tees. Not only does this rob you of distance, but can cause slices, as well. When conditions are rough on the golf course because of high wind, scores go up. Many golfers start out with a stroke that more closely resembles a straight back straight through style, even if they arent doing it on purpose. Paired with some dedication and practice, legitimate 80s won’t happen for probably over a year even for a good athlete with strength and coordination.

Com] may set and access [simplegolfswingmadeeasy. This part of your stance influences your plane because of the involvement of your shoulders in the swing. “jon doesn’t have weaknesses,” mickelson said in january.  my gap wedge is a cleveland tour action 51 degree. I wanted to pass on a great story that happened to me today at the range.

That's why zepp colour codes the each one using a traffic light system, telling you how close to perfection each metric is. When viewed in high-speed photography, it appears as if the shaft is a wiggling snake. Reading about it all for sure. The term club fitting has in recent years become little more than golf club selling. Through this course, you are actually going to be making many positive changes to your full swing.

• a player who breaks a club in anger (i. As easily seen in this figure as well as in fig. The shoulders at impact have tilted downward slightly, and are open about 20 degrees. Remember that golf is a game. Seth smith, the m’s are 10 to 1 favorites to win the world series. Matt williamson is a former scout for the cleveland browns and spent 10 years at espn as a scout and co-host of the football today podcast.

All stuff that you can easily do in 10 minutes only twice a week. i only hit two good balls today, he moaned, and that was when i stood on a rake. When both feet are on the floor is is considered walking the moment when one foot comes off the floor and is in the air, you are running. A golfer who swings explosively like thomas puts high amounts of stress on their body each and every swing. The writer said he was doing fine with the short irons but when it came to woods, especially the driver, he hit too many shots to the left. Heres what former natural golfers say about the simple swing. Also fix your divots and rake sand traps.

However, it also found that even small scuffs led to a measurable loss in distance, reducing driver distance as much as 6 yards. Torso between impact and the p8 position, and note how he moves the entire impact. As jim pointed out, when you feel your shoulder touch your chin, that€™s it, end of backswing. So there is no mystery to why your not hitting the ball well. One more advantage of working with an experienced golf teacher to learn how to raise swing action speed is that they will be able to prevent you from getting injured. Messengers tend to only get shot if they fail to deliver the message. Everything was working and i was ready to go, except for one big problem: the pool had turned cloudy since when we scouted it previously.

After getting the "feel" of the. You learn to take the golf club and cut grass for the distance that youre going to move that ball, but walk forward, not sideways, but forward. Some of the questions posed: why do dimples help a golf ball fly straight. The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any lot at any time prior to the time of sale of such lot. If you really want to play better golf…guaranteed.  do not go straight to the gym and start doing olympic lifting. Here are our top 10 golf swing videos, with tuition tips from the tg elite pro team designed to get you started with golf swing basics, to ensure your skills are. Let me put it this way. weve allowed him to develop these patterns with heavy priority with what the ball’s telling us in terms of function versus some architectural or appearance we want to fit into it, said mccormick. Once you trust this grip, it is very effective in keeping the club on plane.

If you play mostly soft sand and heavy rough, pick a wedge with less loft (lower number), more bounce, and a heavier swingweight. I’ve been playing a. Using data from the technology, day and goldsmith developed the routine. Co/stwh5l7o21pic. Simultaneously, we engage our deep neck flexors, scalenes and scm to flex our head forward to examine the object. On the downswing, garrigus works his left hip and knee furiously toward the target, with the right side following in tow. The illustration he uses has this figure eight movement taking place inside a barrel, reminding the golfer not to sway or slide during the downswing but to turn, which generates the maximum amount of torque needed for a pure ball strike. Fix common swing issues such as loss of lag and over the top. An upright golf swing causes discomfort for some athletes, so pay attention to what your body tells you. This is critical because club head speed is the expression of force production in the golf swing.

As the golf club moves away from the golf ball we see no lateral movement of his body, sergio’s head remains very centered and over the golf ball, resulting in his spine angle beginning to tilt towards the target. I was also the only person he’d help with their game. Cross-platform sharing of user-designed courses remains a core feature. 69 mph, as measured by the pga tour. Word origin of 'swing'me swingen < oe swingan, akin to ger schwingen, to brandish < ie base *sweng-, to curve, swing. There are several options for doing so.

From hitting thousands upon thousands of golf balls. We have videos which focus on providing some quick-learning and highly effective golf tips for beginners, as well as comprehensive lesson programs teaching a full program on golf for beginners, including the basics swing, grip, and stance. What year did they make first flight golf clubs. The ball does not really care too much about anything else but what the golf club is doing at the moment of impact. Both aircraft swing works well when properly implemented. He became noted for his stern, irascible look on the golf course - and for a lightning quick, very short backswing.   the main idea behind the swingtip is to get an accurate interpretation of your swing. So that should give you a good primer into photographing the sport of golf. Towards impact, and the clubshaft is traveling parallel to the inclined.   if you start to make too many mistakes then slow down, if necessary step back to the drill that will fix those errors and work forward again from there.

Video lesson: understanding proper sequence in golf. Take a look at the simple checkpoints hilts gives for your backswing, and limit those wings to only the kind you eat. Do not let go, i’m telling you, you could really hurt yourself doing that. A shot that when tiger is on top of his game you see him hit a lot. It is a ridiculously simple system based on just one golf swing move. Too much still motion will cause a reset of the reference angles, which stops the current swing recognition and starts it over from the beginning.

Com/videos/full-swing-basics/rotary-swing-5-step-golf-swing-system/golf-swing-step-by-step-system. Not arnold palmer, not jack nicklaus, not nobody. The weather: a cloudy, overcast day is perfect for swing bowlers. We also love how he qualified it with: theres pro am swings, and then theres this. However, i bet you never think twice about them.

The lack of certaintude as to what that binary call ends up being should not be confused with the fact that it must come down to being abstract or not abstract.   a qualified golf fitness instructor can assess and design a program for you. These steps will really help you feel the swing more effectively and help you to hit the farther targets with ease. Well, let’s think about it. Must be greater than the final velocity of the club head. Other lessons in this ‘difficult lie’ series. If you are going to stay away from the slice, you need to make sure to swing through to a full finish time after time.

Amateurs, poor swing mechanics is the 2nd most common. Haven’t you made your best shots when you were loose, confident and in the “zone”. This is not just any golf book. The general view seems to be that the most powerful golf swing is one that is wide-narrow-wide. So when els switched to play adams golf equipment in 2014 you can be sure that the choice was not taken lightly.

The goal is to move the hands and arms correctly so that the club moves on plane in the backswing or even more steep in the backswing. “straight back straight through putting stroke. Practicing this alignment on the driving range is important in finding the correct angle for your golf swing. If a driver were constructed in the manner of the zebra putter, with a laser in the club face, the beam from the club face would be invisible to the golfer when the club was overhead, at the top of the swing. David glenz taught me this in the mid-‘90s and jim hardy advocates this for players with steep swing planes (two planers). Rebuilt his swing in his 40s, and won the masters with it.

The keyword in golf is consistency. Despite this their bodies fail them before the eighteenth. This will teach you the right amount of rotation during the backswing in order to achieve a square clubface, just like john merrick. Rick smith (sowerwine is the director of instruction at the rick smith golf academy at tiburon in naples, florida.   i think this is causing inconsistency.  what if the collar doesn’t lay correctly across the back of your neck. Excellent equipment and tremendous customer service. Degree of shoulder angulation when the shoulders rotate around. Allow the momentum of the swinging club to dictate weight transfer and body rotation.

Reiterman: he's also about to move up 30 spots in the world ranking. Returning to the course after spending time working on your. A volleyball coach needs to know the mechanical reasons why certain movements get a player up in the air for a spike and why other movements do not. This and important concept and we need to make sure we understand it. Im not saying to keep your right foot flat. Plus, hauling a golf simulator to phoenix from las.

Golf Swing Basics Videojug

How to chip a shot in golf. I used to pull down with the left arm and lag the clubhead way behind the hands so maybe finding a balance between the two swings will be the ultimate result. The only solution to this is using a golf swing apparatus that is specifically designed to get you to setup correcting, execute a one piece takeaway, eliminate casting, and one that will teach you to delay the breaking of the wrists until impact. That’s fine, you are not there to impress anyone. Drivers must constantly adjust to a wide variety of conditions. I remember glenz saying the same thing. In florida hickory golfers must use vintage golf balls with a mesh cover or old dot pattern which effects distance as well. 2 is a perspective view of the improved golf training aid on a persons right hand and lower forearm including three terraced removable spacer pads but not including the second strap or the velcro patch upon which the second strap may be.

You could ask the same question of the shoulders. Check out some of the other offerings, too:.  make short swings so you can feel the connection and develop an awareness of how to be connected. One bite at a time. Most likely, you will begin hitting the ball better on the range, but there is no guarantee that you will on the golf course, at first.

Believe me, the swing isn’t as easy as it looks. Its the idea that the website or stan has some sort of vendetta agains this game / wii games, and that this article isnt valid because stan cant understand golf. And it’s all initiated in that top of the down swing transitional motion there. Balhon, assistant general manager at diamond bar golf course near los angeles, california. Comments from a few of my students:. Ab exercises strengthen you core.

Here are a few golf tips to help you hit the ball solid off the tee every time. If miguel cabrera was hitting a golf ball or if bubba watson was hitting a baseball, it is evident that body position will be different as a result to adjust to where they need to make contact. Its tough to make a classic backswing if you lack flexibility.  for most, they should not be hitting 3 woods (around 15* loft) off the ground as it is not enough loft to give them maximum fly. What is that force, how is it created and what is its relevance to a golf swing.

Journal of applied biomechanics, could be used to help improve golfers’ ability to hit the ball farther and do so without increasing their risks of injury. If drifting too far from the ball becomes an issue, addressing the ball on the heel of your club can help you adjust to the proper distance. Swing byte…well…it bites.  i think i need to place the ssr behind a wall of chicken-wire or something from now on. They are either a one-plane swing or a two-plane swing. A golf course architect tell me once that they put most of the trouble in front. These are just the more obvious variations from that which is most often considered to be pretty in a golf swing. Thank you and please come back for the next episode. Gerbich and henrik stenson used to play golf together.

Customers can choose shaft flex, weight and length, and the company is happy to discuss options over the phone or via email. Nor is this trump rescuing people from a raft:. It is important not to un-cock your wrists too soon, because you’ll lose the power, but you don’t want to leave them cocked through impact because you won’t have a chance to unleash the power. In the fall of 2003, the dulles golf academy officially changed its name to the chuck will golf academy.   most of the low handicappers and professionals ive worked with all maintain a swing time between 1.

No hyped up graphics, no distracting music, just pure golf instruction. (in other words, you have turned the area around the green into and extended area from which it only takes two strokes to finish the hole. Left wrist (left wrist bending/dorsiflexion) during the full-roll hand. But their nine holes together — woods played two more alone as dusk fell — weren’t without rough patches. To the ball that matters – not how much force you generate from the swing. theres a little child saying he hasnt got anything on. The old shaft - or whatever is left of it, must be removed from the club head.

Today, i will tell you some simply tips on how to get that ball in the bottom of the cup. Oh by the way, you shot 83 and i shot a 74. Remember, a proper divot starts just in front of the golf ball.   holding the wrist hinge longer in the downswing is one of the three power moves in the golf swing and will improve clubhead speed and distance. Golf hip turn in the backswing. Browse our selection of womens golf jackets and outwear today and never miss another cold or soggy day on the course again. Poor spine angle/head consistency. Inside out golf swing trainer. It’d be pretty fun.   keep your left foot flat in the sand.

 great fun, but it won't win you any comps. When your posture is correct, you feel both steady and energized. “i’m going to be working for you, i’m not going to have time to go play golf. the pace and power of the club-head at the moment of impact are greatly increased by the incipient pronation of the right handwhich contributes the whip-like snap to the movement. Years ago, it is less than one and one-half years ago.

I played my first round using 6. • callaway erc fusion 3w - rgs (rch sys 55r). Why you need this: in this video, youll learn a trick to stop rushing the downswing. But there is no such thing as a three-year slump. He quickly adopted a philosophy that he has kept throughout his years of teaching.

If you're hitting golf balls for a few minutes and you see your divots going to the right, your shoulders are probably way over to the right. 1) rigidly surrounds the leading arm of the golf player and holds said arm back, with the double belt strap on its part consisting in the part surrounding the leading arm of a rubber belt strap (. …and are you still winding up in a good finish position with your drink balanced on your back foot. Golf, hogan the perfectionist will be remembered as a somewhat different kind of champion. To envision a perfect swing plane, imagine a dotted line drawn from the ball, along the clubshaft and up past the grip. Basically i was asking is if there is any benefit to the 2nd image position, were the elbow is perpendicular to the body. As this market grows, so does the technology and the level of realism. Grip is how you hold the club. Practice bunker, or some other essential piece of the puzzle.

David leadbetter: the a swing is an evolution of my years of instructing, and with all our studies and research, we have found an easier way, essentially, to make a backswing.  to help maximize consistency a player would ideally, want his hips to turn rather than slide. You tried it: how a tension-free swing solves lots of problems. As with any physical activity, proper use of muscles is vital in preventing injury.  so, now the key question--what have been you been doing to implement this into your previously amateur swing. With it’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the unit connects via wi-fi to a wide range of apple products. Hi i am 82 years with a 15 handicap from the uk. As for completely harmless, did you think about the hotel staff that had to clean up the mess. Cap: with annika looking on tiger demonstrates ‘lead shoulder high.

Tom kite: the key thing on this golf course is the greens.  just look at how poor this position is, it’s now across her, not in front of her. Crazy that i can almost touch my toes standing up now after only one week of stretching. Accuracy, stamina and also power are 3 important factors that an expert golfer considers as a way to deliver man shots and they are waiting for anyone who is waiting to be given an opportunity to be able to learn, improve and be enhance towards fineness. For woods, the clubs with a higher number tend to be the shortest.

Best golf bunker drills to hit out of the sand every time. Feng and ariya jutanugarn, a five-time winner this year, shot 73.   the radius can be changed by bending the left wrist, the left elbow, raising the upper thoracic – which in turn raises the head.   the human brain doesn’t learn that way. Material in which the club face is made of (steel, titanium, tungsten, etc. John daly is a one-of-a-kind golfer, and there almost certainly is not another one like him coming along anytime soon.

I've had some off-line discussions with our friend kid_fullerene about this near the end of last year, and he helped me figure this out. Get onto the golf course with confidence and with realistic expectations knowing that you are on your way to a life long adventure that is both fun and satisfying. He was at every single game. Rotate on your left shoulder and turn both feet to point to the right. Golf swing tips”flippiness” (the feared early discharge) happens if your body gets too far before the golf ball. Uncocking the wrists at the right moment so that the club connects squarely with the ball. I would have said no way.

Best residential golf courses - no. Golf digest magazine, with which he is currently associated. All the standard methods associated with the pulling left side swing have not provided any relief from my poor play and was considering giving golf up. Without hitting balls, take a 6-iron and hover the club above the line, making that your address position. One was a ‘young gun’ hopeful on the nationwide tour (now called web. Featuring a “scooped back” design, the halo succeeded at getting the ball in the air with a good amount of spin.

7 seconds - because the extra size and power come with an increase in weight. To sync up your arms and shoulder turn use the two club swing drill. Secondly, traditional sets have 1/2 degree lie angle increments. For a right handed/left eyed shooter, for instance, the hits will be high and to the left. I’ve never seen anyone taken to task on tv over using “england” inappropriately.

It’s forgiving yet still.   despite this “bear down” move on the downswing, his head. To this you will need to know just one thing, how to make a good golf swing. With the additional half a degree of loft it produced a higher more swinging shot shape. You must be logged in to see this link. Fellow photographer ansel adams, musician stan kenton and politician ted kennedy were among the celebrity shots. “the links” isn’t a term specific to golf courses. I enjoy reading your work.


Golf Swing Basics Videojug
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