Camilo Villegas Golf Swing


Royal melbourne golf course, to top the leaderboard. Remember, an outfielder can't throw a runner out if he doesn't first load up his back leg. Villalona, who is 19 years old, was arrested and charged with the killing a 25 year old man in a bar. Focus on alignment, not distance. If the rain wouldn't have come there's no way i'd have won. Become a better golfer if he or she stays away from attempting the impossible - or even the implausible. I am going to get city permission (very likely to get). To be able to control the pace of the swing starts at the start. You will avoid many of the bad swing results golfers experience.

camilo villegas golf swing
camilo villegas golf swing

Right sided golf swing misconceptions. This can also be seen in the below pictures;. Swaying cause of slicing (1912) by edward ray. Your hips should rotate and not move side to side. Buy used ben hogan golf clubs from 2nd swing and get a great deal when you. Now a half swing around about here, where the club should be pointing up vertically around about 12 o’clock on your back swing coming through hitting the golf ball and pointing up to about the same height 12 o’clock on the follow through. Prose about how utterly dismal matt’s roster is. With a good shoulder turn, the body can pivot with more power potential, allowing the hips to turn more and also freeing up more shoulder turn. Tends to put "grooves" in the turf, which in turn may affect a golf.

camilo villegas golf swing
camilo villegas golf swing

The term “system teacher” comes with certain connotations, many of them negative. You can use your smartphone or tablet to access the data that will give you insights on the improvements that can be made. This is one additional precaution to take if you’re not able to be outside with the kids while they’re playing 100% of the time. The most commonly forgotten part of golf training is shots near the green. With hands high, the thin-chested and flexible ectomorph should make what’s called an arc swing. A golf club grip for attachment to a full swing golf club shaft of claim 1, wherein the outer diameter of the lower section of said full swing grip is 0. It is my belief that recreational golfers already have bifurcate the sport.

camilo villegas golf swing
camilo villegas golf swing

When watching your takeaway plane you should also be paying attention to the angle of the clubface. Shoulders and hips, he then brings the putter around the body, it. In a rare stroke of honesty,. And preferably in that order. It was cold, it was rainy, it was windy," burkett said. • read greens more accurately and visualize the correct roll paths for your putts. Oh, there are lots of other things that affect your swing,. I can not think of a few nfl quarterback and retired from golf pretty well (john elway and tony romo come to mind), but i can not think of a single linebacker is good. You know, i don’t want you to spend a tonne of time on it, but i definitely don’t want you starting from a static position. You can scroll through the club selection, which is honestly the only thing you’ll be doing with it after you set it up initially, or change some of the settings like metric or standard and the elevation of where you’re practicing.

camilo villegas golf swing
camilo villegas golf swing

I thought that once i learned how to hit that shot, my troubles would be over. Many exercises which also help to develop core. As studies in the biomechanics of a golf swing have clearly proved, tiger is responsible for taking the golf game into a new level. Learn from some of the tips that will be shared below, which can make you a better player in no time. Ben witter—double- and triple-ball shots.   please tell the suits at nbc that playing golf with tiger woods doesn’t necessarily qualify you for the morning drive. Yep, you read that correctly.

camilo villegas golf swing
camilo villegas golf swing

 lift your hands, arms, and chest up off the ground. On the same tee, the player with the lowest score on the. In fact, i'm working on an advanced mathematical theory to explain why the difference between a topped drive that ends up 30 yards from the tee and a topped drive that ends up 20 yards from the tee is far greater than all our current primitive mathematical systems would dictate. "well, a swing which seems to be working as one, without loose parts and yet free to work. "i have been playing golf for over 20 years. When jeff and susie’s german shepherd, oscar, goes missing, larry suspects that his bookie, sung, has kidnapped oscar and cooked him. Now i can go pin hunting.

camilo villegas golf swing
camilo villegas golf swing

If you allow a reverse pivot motion to work into your game, you will be harming yourself on both of those fronts. Small musical group called golf boys for your entertainment. The rank of the worst-case alternative will be n+1, and the rank of the best of the fictional alternatives will be 1.                 you'll start to feel the muscle groups, you'll start to feel the medial side of your glute quite a bit start to contract. Katherine roberts is a nationally recognized writer and presenter on golf fitness and the founder of yoga for golfers. After reading your post earlier today, i took my swing caddie out to the range and tested it with the club that i never deloft, my driver. Arbitrators were expected to issue a decision today, a day after hearing the case. How old is sam snead.

Before you can increase club head speed, you need to understand it. Open when he needed to make the putt to force the playoff with rocco mediate. Shoulder turn left under the chin. Body sways instead of turns. The player has a certain knowledge, at all times, where the fart will exit from and an equally certain knowledge of where their left heel is located.

It’s these early lessons that remind me of what’s really important for the average player to work on. Whether you’re looking for golf swing tips for beginners or you’re an established player searching for some golf swing drills to improve your game, you’ll find a lot of information on the internet. For some that keep track of what tour players use, they get minimal play. It provides true ball flight feedback which static horizontal swing plane drills can’t accomplish. The badger state seems to produce an inordinate number of lefty women golfers. The description that follows is presented to enable one skilled in the art to make and use the present invention, and is provided in the context of a particular application and its requirements. That’s why we offer post-sale benefits like in-home set-up and personal training options. It wasn’t really a spat, but i couldn’t resist that headline. If you tend to sway on the backswing, try this: place a pillow against a wall and rest your forehead against it, then make practice takeaways without moving your head.

And i was putting beautifully.   once you identify the deficiencies, though, it's fairly easy to correct with a targeted exercise program. I decided to join so i could comment in this thread much like another member did. More mental in nature instead of physical. 707 triple slash out of the water, but there is no denying both players are having historic seasons.  i think we can both agree that even with tiger’s absence, there will be great story lines and the masters will still be exciting for anyone to watch. Then we go to the release, the straight line release, and now he’s released all that. Of course we cannot move the ball, so when adjusting ball position, we instead need to alter where we choose to set up our stance.

After determining the proper distance of your hands from your body and placing your right hand back on the club i like to raise the clubface off the ground (change the angle of the spine don't pick up the hands) as it makes for a smoother takeaway. It’s about time you make one of these teams. Second, narrow your stance so that the outside of your feet are no wider that the outside of your shoulders.   first we have had a lot of rain this summer and fall which. And with that said, i would now only recommend the rss to anyone who's new to the game.  group lessons are also available.

The tpk golf training aid putting stick is a tool to improve putting performance, particularly at the 3 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet distances. I have video of hogan returning quite a bit above the shaft plane, and video of natalie gulbis returning dead on the shaft plane, too - this rates as a giant "meh" for me for now. It worked for me and its a lot cheaper than buying new clubs. For a long time, it seemed an inevitability that woods would break jack nicklaus' record of 18 major championships. What makes this procedure unique is that it is often the only option for conditions of severe arthritis, significant tears to a rotator cuff and/or failed rotator cuff or total shoulder replacement surgery. Golf swing shoulder turn in the swing will be approximately 90 degrees. Be competing in the world golf championships - bridgestone invitational.

You look where i was this time last year, it’s certainly a big difference in my game, and obviously where we are, so very thankful, very thrilled to be here. Tom watson: a swing for the ages. I have taught this for many years and have seen great results with most of my students. As woods slowly moved through his round, taking 12 holes to make his first and lone birdie against four bogeys, people were left to wonder if he was hurt, that his surgically repaired, fused spine was acting up.   i expect feed back from every person who reads this book. Now in the downswing, what’s actually going to happen here, is that the club should come in a little tiny bit underneath this plane. How would you describe your game now. Mcgwire was a baseball icon — big mac, with a paul bunyan physique and a home run swing that made fans come out to the ballpark early to watch batting practice. Of course there are other faster speeds.

 at the start of the foward swing, there is no lower body drive and  the right shoulder actually will rise just a bit and the 'over the top' motion is achieved. "winning this championship, i look at the one thing that has really changed my game and it's been the 3 wood that i have been using. Email, we may retain the content of your email messages. Your short golf irons are not meant for fast swinging. Mostly, the 46-year-old barkley misses the peace and quiet of heading to the course with three buddies -- the one venue where strangers aren't always coming up to him. #2 you must have patience and time.

Of the target tee box marker. Wilson women's invitational, considered to be the most prestigious women's tournament in hawaii. Actually coil the way the pros do. I am going to guess you have a lot of natural ability. A consistent swing is a must to cover the right distance with greater efficiency.

Camilo Villegas Golf Swing

“the best swing is one that repeats,” trevino said, “and that’s what i have. The golf club and have been given even more elements to play with in the sequel. Swing coach will teach you to make the right swing at every speed. Developed a really great online lesson. Dechambeau, 22, turned pro after his junior year at smu, where he majored in physics, the branch of science that focuses on matter — golf clubs and balls in this case — and energy — the players using those clubs and balls. Slowing down the swing will enable you understand where the problem is and have these issues fixed. In stroke play competitions played according to strict stores have to make room for all their the course’s age and whether it is a the bag and your golfing tendencies.

His back elbow well forward of his back hip. Cnc machines are controlled from by a computer, hence the cnc part standing for computerised numeral control. Many golf swing analyzers work differently. Levers, generally, are comprised of a beam (i. The device also prevents swaying when you swing, which means a steady motion is achieved from start to finish. If it is just arms the ball can literally go anywhere. No matter how good of an athlete you are, this is still a very difficult task. Former utah jazz player deron williams hits a tee shot during the second round of the provo open friday, june 8, 2018. However, as players search for power this often causes them to lose the rhythm in the transition from backswing to downswing.

Swing rotations using lightweight dumbbells target your core and will help with your distance, power and clubhead speed. He's guessing right and seeing the ball well. The weight below the waist shifts to the target side foot. 28-30 matches at le golf national.   what is your right shaft length. Wrist locked into a neutral position during the entire swing. 30 allows the lower portion of the shaft. (i'm not angry, just for drama.

Looks & feel: when you first swing an orange whip it may feel awkward, look different and make it hard to complete a "perfect" swing. Photo courtesy of charles cherney/illinois pga. You can use a weighted swing socks or weighted ring training aid for this drill. Always remember to be under control when swinging, and that increasing club head speed will take time and proper control. Moreover, they will allow to react into the opposite direction using the same energy since the limitation is one-sided only - as e. Golf swing plane training aids and tips available on the market today that can help you achieve the correct grip, stance, and body motion needed for a true one plane golf swing. Setup: the perfect golf grip – grip strength. If you'd like some help improving your golf skills, read on.

After doing this for a few swings, grip the club normally, but make the same smooth, rhythmical swings.   i know, i know…  it seems to make sense that if you are just practicing you should take only one wedge and learn to hit all the shots with that one club by opening and closing the face, varying ball position, etc. A shank is when a golfer makes contact with the hosel of the club, and it usually sends the ball directly to the right. When you feel like you’re doing it correctly you get that sway, so we have to get the opposite. Golfers who have tried a wider stance have noticed crisper ball striking and additional distance when hitting the longer clubs. Hell check out the magic of the right forearm video, and the. If your putter feels too long, you can choke down on the grip to make it effectively shorter. I can’t verify at this point whether or not it’s worth the wait, but we had to wait a while too and the wait wasn’t too long.  "i want to compliment you on your senior driver.

We were way, way too young. That's why his bad shots went right. His putter in the dream swing and as he stroked back.  tempo is not the issue here but rather the overall speed of the swing. Swing like a champion system are all based strictly on what is biomechanically correct, and not just on what works for other people. Does this swinging up sensation cause you to automaticly start the downswing with lower body ,is this something i should continue on with or should i work more on spring the right foot around.

To make a ball move from left to right, the lead shoulder is moved slightly in the direction that constitutes left when looking down the target line, along with the lead hip and foot. Curry remained professional, doing something that would make any player chuckle. When the margin of ground under repair is defined by stakes, the stakes are inside the ground under repair, and the margin of the ground under repair is defined by the nearest outside points of the stakes at ground level. Attempt to identify the point of the swing in which your left arm collapses and place special emphasis on rotating during this point, rather than bending the elbow. “if he wanted to [become a pro], there’s no question about it — i think he could make it. While this definitely can help, knowing how to increase clubhead speed is crucial to this working.   the weather has been normal you might say and it looks like winter golf will be at a minimum this year, when compared with last year when i had played 10 rounds before march 1. To make it even more effective, consider doing it with a variety of clubs.

That would stretch out the shoulder and the triceps of the left arm, which is actually the natural action that you’d need in the top of your backswing motion. I felt it a very positive day , by no means am i fully doing this swing i. Who knows maybe one day you’ll read an article i wrote for espn and think “i have no idea who cory hayes is”.   if the golfer cannot internally rotate their trail hip, lateral patterns will dominate the movement. When you go to the course you are going to swing no harder than about 80% if you are a better player and 50% if you are a poorer player. The other major advantage of thomas golf's flat plane technology is the added strength to the club face. In addition, this regulation might include amateur events as well, as a "condition of competition". Rod white is a physicist in new zealand. As a general rule of thumb, you should be trying to use as few moving parts as possible when putting.

“you aren’t doing it enough. Holmes, that's the way he was playing. Snead's wagon wheel, or hale irwin's 'trough' image can be good ones too. There are plenty more golf irons on the market, which you can select for yourself, but the tale of the tape is that i have done my research before compiling this list. I’ve played casually since, and when i consistently play at least a round a week, i personally shoot in the mid to upper 70s. If you lie is off, a proper swing will not hit the ball straight.

Master this left hip motion and good golf isn't far behind. While the idea of smart shoes isn't terribly new, iofit has managed to do something that feels a bit revolutionary with its smart balance shoes. Have you tried positive impact golf. Secret technique for golf swing - weird tips. Bearing surfaces also are very important; they have been the limiting factor in the longevity of total joint replacements. Three phases for three of the subjects. ”griffey was everybody’s hero growing up and that’s how i look at it,” pujols said. Our goal is to help each and every client achieve great results on the course, and our golf training aids are an integral part of the rotary swing experience. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the.

How to roll the ball correctly when chipping. The speed of the golf swing can take us out of balance if we are not stable. When you land after your jump, you should quickly notice that your legs are in a great position to swing the golf club. However, as we have seen with countless microtransaction-plagued releases over the last few years, they will need to do it very carefully to not lose more potential customers to other titles in what is a surprisingly varied golf video game marketplace. I like to be involved with process rather than just phoning it in". However, the most effective method is to change the action of your release through impact.

Because of this, as well as its unique look and feel, the eye2 became what's generally considered the best-selling iron of all time. Charley hoffman was granted his request that his walk-up music, tupac's "california love," not stop until he finished his swing. This is how to control the tempo of your swing.   practicing with a weighted club will also build endurance to help you finish strong at the end of your round. These two software options can both be added to a system for the golfer looking for training and fun. Where can one find information on golf breaks in portugal. Most of the movement is pure rotational in nature. Perhaps surprisingly, there is one situation where you will not want to use a one-piece takeaway – greenside bunker shots.

Major brands now only tend to release 4 iron to pitching wedge sets, as most golfers select a hybrid club in place of the 3 iron. The  program begins with an evaluation from a tpi certified medical professional. Because in the very near future we may also be charging a monthly membership fee for the. A controlled a swing speed should always go with a perfected swing speed. After completing the slow back swing, the sequence reverses with the lower half driving the down swing turning towards the target. Newton’s first law states that “. Generally, stiffer shafts are better for stronger hitting golfers and golfers.  these fundamentals are true of any golf action, and they differ.

He has created dvds and recently launched a new online teacher certification program for instructors to embrace “impact zone golf training system. In april, before the blackhawks closed their season, they staged a classy "one more shift" tribute to mikita. Every time i stand over the ball, i have confidence in striking cleanly and in the direction i intend with the right distance - everything that i imagine a golf shot is meant to be. Nowadays you can get some reasonable quality for less than £20 a dozen. The practice facilities at the world golf village slammer and squire golf course offer all day practice at the driving range, chipping facility, and putting green for $20. Way to hit a golf ball - his followers are very long hitters as he was. At impact, try to keep the head behind the ball as this helps maintain your swing plane and promotes ascending. You'll also get out of sequence and force yourself to time it right so you're not to out of sequence. If poults locks in with his irons like we know he can, this is a solid bet. I hope you all have enjoyed my article here about women and golf today.

Bye: the player who draws a "bye" is allowed to advance to the next round without playing an opponent. I had couple of lessons and were doing good, but when my coach tried to correct my golf setup i completely lost it and i no longer hit the ball. Gear up: gear up is the place to get tips and drills from the pros, with videos designated for every skill type. Regardless of which tee you play, you are faced with undulating and sloped fairways, elevation changes, strategic bunkering, and little room for recovery from minor mistakes. It was like you had forgotten how to golf. It is estimated by top teaching professionals such as hank haney that 80% to 90% of all golfers slice the ball with most of their golf shots. The 5-9 irons had 43 gram grips and the wedges. Tips for golf swing: what does on plane mean.

We recruited single-digit handicap golfers that had the yips or thought they had the yips.

Camilo Villegas Slow Motion Golf Swing

It is advisable for you to correct your mechanics in an effective way. With on-site pre-amplification circuitry were. I've got a 12-hole course at. - most notably the takeaway, plane shifts, and release types. As his back recovered over the next couple of years, so did his game, but mainly on the web. Paul and i once left him at a bus stop all night because no cell phones. Don't you have anything better to do. Clip shot this is parallel to the ground.

If you caught the slow-motion replay of johnson's swing with a driver on saturday, you saw one of the most athletic rips you'll ever see. The shoulder and hip stopping low returned pain, your hips and your swing article tpi mytpi. If there is no big consensus, read the ratings situated in the middle (3 stars). Now a lot of times as we had the over the top move, what’s happening is our weight is going on our right foot as we start down. Even half fit he would be missed. Much more than i expected i would. Thank you for your time – really appreciated. As we explained in golf swing 102a – setup: the perfect golf stance width, in the swing like a champion system you will learn to move in such a way as to achieve the same impact alignment with every full swing. Whether you choose to go with the es 12 or the es 14, you know that you will be getting some of the best golf launch monitors that money can buy.

This gps watch from garmin is in the same line as the s6, but is a much more affordable option. Higher mois increases the forgiveness of clubs.   i was told that i needed more “upright” lie angles on my clubs. He and his colleagues looked at the forces placed on knees during a golf swing and the influence of shoe type and skill level on those forces. Now stand nice and tall, with your shoulders back and your arms “dangling,” and take it back again. Pga tour pros use their fsg sims for serious practice and data analysis. The legs should be slightly wider than the shoulders. Unfortunately that package is often scrutinized by traditional instructors.

Paid huge dividends for woods. I think that there is a much better way. It’s impossible to fully capture in a single writing the full scope of impact my. Make sure you can see the hole clearly. That would make it even. He did for his day.

(also see big dog, chief). You’ll notice here if i draw a line from my belt buckle, or the center of my spine to the center of my spine at the top, you’ll see that that’s tilted away from the target. Roughly 90% of golfers struggle with slicing at some point. Following are three points that all indicate an upright path may be a good option for you and your golf game. Early on, it will be beneficial to practice this shot on the driving range and focus on making shorter swings. Now many muscles are associated with restricting this arm position, namely the chest muscles (pectoralis minor and major) and some shoulder muscles. If virtual next-gen gaming is called for at topgolf, then the swing suite experience is there for lounging and playing while enjoying food and beverage service.

The other option is to somehow create an equal amount of force moving in the opposite direction to allow you to clear your hips and body through the shot. I worried so much about if my elbows bent the same way as david toms. So get comfortable and get pointed roughly towards the target and your golf stance is fine. Now there are hundreds of training aids to choose from designed to improve tempo, rhythm, strength, and overall mechanics — all vital aspects in developing a proper, steady golf swing. A, yet the chest and arms are still rotating rapidly. Chase down and replace divots (hunks of earth you tear out when you swing), rake sand traps after you’ve walked and hit out of them, and use a tee to push up any dents (called ball marks) you make on the green.

(1) at least two different colors, and. When pp#3 and the peripheral end of the clubshaft points. Continue the follow through until your hands reach the front side of your shoulders. I am guessing that my attempt to not bend my left elbow so much has resulted in my not hinging the left wrist enough. We were all very surprised, but we're also very happy because people come here for the food. Golf swing practice indoors or out - at home, on the range, or on the course. Golfer 1: has the problem of trying to scoop underneath the golf ball. Golf offers a variety of golf training devices and golf swing training aids to help you achieve and then reinforce your long game and short game golf swing.

The yips, golf's worst enemy. Of the fitness tests i found in my research. If you had a look at tiger's swing you'll have learnt about all the key parts of the classic swing. It’s one you don’t like. — the swing power in the golf means distance and consistency, and it is not produced by the arms alone. I realise that there are different ways to power a golf swing. Com and in warm weather markets starting november 1.

More info on: how to shape your shots using an. It's not like this is a guy who was above-average for 20 years; thome has been a great player with a dozen high-impact seasons. 91% is significantly higher than suzann pettersen's 77% cop reading at. Note that this equation does not include terms for the mass of the pendulum or the angle it swings through. Now there are people who will never figure out that sequence and perhaps they need the step by step body part by body part movement of the golf swing. Masters golf: a tournament different from all other sporting events. And no one could forget how young the team was.

Hogan talked about how hard he drove with his lower body in his book. Do you ever picture this when you are practicing your swing. Considering the wear you'll save — and the fuel you'll save by relieving the engine of this extra load — it'll be like putting money in your pocket. When i came back, i was doing a photo shoot and i was hitting a shot from a downhill lie and that’s when i cracked (the tibia). As long as they are not symmetrical, we can detect a pattern that can be found in any rotation as long as they are in the fov of the camera. The hub motion postulated is contrary to experimental evidence and the reduction of a great deal of position data to club-head speed is only a considerable negative step.

Your body should be placed to the left side of the ball and should be opened to the swing path. I’ve seen many golfers playing with equipment that is way too advanced for them. Power has to be behind your stroke. Under the tutelage of jack grout, nicklaus came to idolize bobby jones, whose 13 major championships became the reference point for his own career. Maybe something has been in the back of your mind the whole time you've been reading this. I say this as i now think that the only way i can influence what my arms are doing in my swing is by way of the set up and my rhythm. Get down on it at impact.

  the closed face starts the ball left, the relatively outside path curves the ball right. However, i figured with a money back guarantee, why not give it a shot. A strong grip helps create a flatter swing path and a more powerful release of the club through impact. Squaring your shoulders means that as contact is made with the ball, the shoulders are parallel to the target line. There are three different grips you can use when holding the handle of the club. They include that putter given to her by the late mary lena faulk, and the wilson staff golf clubs that she used in every win since 1963 except for one. You want to be fairly upright so your hips and shoulders can naturally rotate into the shot.

Jim furyk has been a great player for a couple decades. Here’s how to build the strength and mobility you need — while warding off injuries that could put a crimp in your golf game. The secret to success is not to overreach when your swing is going to be unbalanced and you might fall. If you prefer to understand how to play golf, there are lots of resources you are able to find. When, exactly, was the last time that oosthuizen wasn’t pleased with his own swing. ' we looked on the front and kind of looked around and thought, 'well, we can't lose a ball on the front (edge of the green),' so i said, 'maybe i hit it a little bit long and just didn't see it roll up the shadows,'" barry said. Convenience features (call decline & digital clock). This is where knowing the basic golf swing comes in really handy. My students often ask me “what are the best books on golf instruction”. Both are the same thing, just used depending on.

15 best weather apps and weather widgets for android. That is another challenge this game presents to us in learning new swing moves; the tendency to be too ball result oriented vs. The club glove last bag is used by more professionals on the pga tour than any other bag, and we can see why. We will be returning & we will be recommending this place to everyone. All for only a few minutes a day swinging it. It should not be supported mostly by your toes nor by your heels. For the golfers out there, this is especially important. I’ve sent a couple of emails to pete on video lessons, and haven’t heard back from him. Do not swing like this if you want to hit the golf ball well.

Any combination of these component variations can be used alone or together to create a golf swing. 1 ounce (3 gram) error in weight will.   i am straighter and longer, and because i have lost the "violence" in my swing, my tempo is better which has given me more consistency. Golf swing is one of the most intricate movements among the various athletic skills. Here are some guidelines that can help ensure your safety, and that of those around you on the golf course (note - when finished here, be sure to check out our golf etiquette section for additional suggestions):.

But i love that it is, it keeps the hair on the roller very well, and the clip is very simple and took me a minute to find out, but it does a great job at what it does. The other move that can cause this often times works in conjunction with the loosening of the #4 pressure point. Give it a try on the range and see how it feels. I'm going to set up with both feet together where the ball would be. That wasn’t good enough, nor was his amplification. Com and we will assist you.   you can have my holes-on-one (all 2 of them).

The momentus is a tremendous aid to use for developing a consistently sound golf swing. And next time, bring your putter along with you. I wouldn’t be where i am without him.

Camilo Villegas Golf Swing
  after spending half of my last weekend trying to dig my $5 per ball v1s out of water...